Two Truths and a Lie with Sarah Watts

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It’s time for another edition of Two Truths and a Lie! Sarah Watts is an artist specialising in surface and textile design, book illustration and hand-lettering. She’s worked with loads of big brands, but you’ll probably know her best as one of the founding designers for Cotton + Steel Fabrics! Her collections include Tokyo Train Ride and August and many of the designs in the upcoming Spellbound collection.

Sarah Watts

Do you remember how to play? Let’s refresh, just in case! Sarah will tell us three things about herself. Two are true and one is a lie. If you want to participate, tell us in the comments which statement you think is a lie. Enter by midnight on Sunday and on Monday we’ll put all the correct answers in randomizer and choose one who will win this special bundle of 10 fat quarters of Sarah’s fabrics from both Tokyo Train Ride and August.


Here are three things about Sarah!

1. When I was a kid, we had all sorts of animals. Chickens, snakes, dogs, cats, fish, and lizards. My best friend was my pet iguana named Dino. I took him everywhere with me, and even had a little leash that I walked him on.

2. When I was in kindergarten, I broke my right hand while climbing in a tree. I was collecting ants for my ant farm and putting them in a little jar.  I was trying to reach a real big one on the end of the branch and slipped. That is how I became left handed.

3. My husband Scott and I eloped. We went to Vegas and got married on Halloween dressed as a cowboy and cowgirl.  We were the only two people in the room besides the priest. Scott downloaded an iPhone app that made cowboy pistol sounds and kept that in his holster as his weapon.

Which is a lie? Tell us in the comments! Remember, the deadline to be entered in the prize draw is midnight on Sunday. UK/Europe only for this prize.

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