We are opening our new shop this weekend! How to find us and more FAQ answered

So we moved into our new shop this week! Wow! It’s hard to believe this is really happening. After more than a year of talking about it (and more than two years since we agreed to take this new space) and sharing sneak peeks on Instagram, we’re in and we are going to be opening our doors this weekend! We really hope to see you there!

The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square

I thought I’d answer a few questions we’ve been getting about our big move:

Where is your new shop?

Our official address is Unit 6, Hardy Building, Heritage Lane, London NW6 2BR. But we’re just going to call it West Hampstead Square for short. Unfortunately, because the postcode is new and not all location databases recognise it yet, it’s still a little tricky to find on some maps (don’t look on Apple Maps – it hasn’t been updated since 2012 so don’t get me started!) This google map should help!

Map of The Village Haberdashery

How do I get there?

We’re across the street from the West Hampstead Underground Station (Jubilee Line), next door to the West Hampstead Overground Station and steps from the West Hamsptead Thameslink station. We are on the 328, 139 and C11 bus routes. You can drive, but that leads us to…

Is there parking?

There is no parking for our shop. Street parking can be difficult, although you can pretty much park anywhere if you come on the weekend. We recommend checking the Camden parking map or looking on Parkopedia before you set out. For a small fee you can park in the O2 Centre parking lot which is about a 5 minute walk up Blackburn Road.

Is the shop wheelchair accessible?

Yes! We’re on the first floor but there is a lift to our shop and we are fully wheelchair accessible.

Are there going to be goody bags this weekend?

Not this weekend. Because there have been so many delays with our building it has been a challenge to stick to an opening date so we didn’t want to announce one (or print flyers again) and then disappoint you all (again). And as you’ll see if you come this weekend, the other shops on the Square are still fitting out and it’s not entirely open yet. So we decided to start with a ‘soft launch’ and save our goody bags and fanfare for the weekend of 4 & 5 March.

What about the VIP party?

If you are an investor, you may have earned an invitation to our VIP party! We’ve just decided on the date and it will be 3 March. We’ll be sending details out separately to investors who have earned this reward.

What are your opening hours?

We’ve expanded our opening hours! They will be:

Monday 10am – 6pm
Tuesday 10am – 6pm
Wednesday 10am – 6pm
Thursday 10am – 9pm
Friday 10am – 6pm
Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sunday 11am – 5pm
Plus in March we’ll be re-launching our weekly knitting and handwork night along with half-price studio time on Thursdays.
What is happening to your shop on Mill Lane?
Our Mill Lane shop is closed after more than four years! We will be out by the end of February, so between now and then we’ll be aiming to sell off most of the furniture. If you are looking for shelves, chairs, leftover tiles from our fit out, etc., and want to be kept in the loop, email us at info@thevillagehaberdashery.co.uk.
I have more questions!
Please email us at info@thevillagehaberdashery.co.uk and we’ll try to get them answered ASAP!
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