We raised £100,000 and our crowdfunding campaign is closed!

Our crowdfunding campaign is now officially over and we are so proud of what we’ve achieved together! We closed our round with 271 investors and hit our overfunding target of £100,000. Amazing! To reach this milestone on New Year’s Day was a thrill. Ed, Harvey and I were sitting in San Francisco Airport between flights back from Seattle and refreshing our page until we hit our target. We cheered, toasted and then hopped on a flight home to London.

We did it!

We are now in a strong position to accomplish our goals for 2016 and beyond! Our team is working hard to prepare for our move to West Hampstead Square, where we are now expecting to open our new flagship shop in July. As you know, we’ve already started moving forward on several initiatives to support our expansion and growth, including:

  • Diversifying our product range with our new Craft Supplies category
  • Partnering with Janome to capture sewing machine sales off the back of our classes and add a high margin product line (to be launched online later this month)
  • Launching a beautiful new user-friendly mobile website (please keep your feedback coming!)

14.57% of our company is now owned by you, our customers, our West Hampstead community and new investors we hope to be able to meet one day! We are putting systems in place to provide you with regular updates on our progress and solicit your feedback on key decisions*.

If you’ve earned a reward for you investment, here are some timelines for you:

  • Stash Points – will be awarded when the new shop opens.
  • Tote bags – we are working on the design now, and hope to be able to ship these to you within six weeks.
  • Party invites – once we’ve set the date, you’ll be the first to receive an invite to our opening party!
  • Investor page shout-outs – we will have our page updated soon and will be in touch to ask you how you would like your name or company presented and linked to on the site.

Crowdcube is contacting our investors today to confirm your investment. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at annie@thevillagehaberdashery.co.uk.

And once again, thank you all for your support throughout our campaign, whether it was in the form of an investment, a part in our video, a social media share or a kind word. You guys are the best and we love you!

*By the way, investor or not, you can sign up to our Customer Advisory Board to receive surveys in your inbox about new products other fun stuff!

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