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We’re in Mollie Makes and Knit Today!

It’s been a lovely month for PR coverage of the shop! We’re in both the June issues of Mollie Makes and Knit Today.

Anna Maria Horner’s needlepoint kits were featured in Mollie Makes this month. We’re one of the only UK stockists of these kits (from what I can tell) and we are cited as the source. I knew this one was coming because the photo editor got in touch requesting the image. Thanks so much to Pierrette and Coats publicity for sending me photos so quickly!

Mollie Makes - June 2012

The Knit Today mention came as a total surprise and a very happy one! We’re becoming more well known as a supplier of quilting and sewing materials, but I’ve always seen The Village Haberdashery equally as a knitting shop, with knitting yarn, needles and notions more than just an afterthought. Hopefully this will help spread the word about the shop to more knitters (and crocheters too!)

Knit Today - June 2012

Thanks everyone!

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