We’re on TripAdvisor! Leave us a review and help more people find us when they visit London

So a few weeks ago a customer came to see us at our West Hampstead shop to pick up some yarn for a project while she was visiting London. This happens a lot, and we LOVE it. Sometimes people see us because they know us from insta or get a recommendation from a friend and sometimes they just google for the closest fabric/yarn/craft shop and find us. But it always feels like a gift when you take time out of your holiday to pop into our shop.

ANYWAY, this customer loved the shop and promised to leave a good review on TripAdvisor. And it had never occurred to me to be on TripAdvisor! But we want more people to visit us when they travel, ALL the people, so I was all let’s get this set up, like, yesterday! And then it’s actually weirdly hard to get listed, but finally, we’re there.


So THE POINT IS, if you are already on TripAdvisor and you’ve been to our shop, we’d love it if you would leave us a review! And add photos if you took some because that’s extra fun. If you’re not on TripAdvisor, please don’t feel like you should sign up and do this to support us. If you don’t have a history on their site, your review might actually be flagged – a bunch of well-meaning and awesome customers signing up and posting reviews at the same time after reading this could look spammy – and I’d hate for you to waste your time. But if you’ve already been reviewing other businesses on TripAdvisor and now want to review us. Yep, great, please do!

Click this link to find us on TripAdvisor

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