We think it’s a boy! trousers

Our neighbours, Hinde and Steve, who used to live upstairs from us and now live around the corner, are having a baby in December. In a controversial move, they found out the sex of the baby but aren’t telling anyone! We think Hinde and Steve are great. They are our first friends that are equally ours, they are the first neighbours I’ve ever become friends with, and when we go to the pub quiz with them we almost always win (or at least come in second!)

I thought I’d use KCWC as an opportunity to sew up a baby gift. Ed’s pretty convinced they are actually having a boy because at the pub the other night Steve kept referring to the baby as a “he” so I made some boy-friendly baby trousers.


The fabric is Anna Maria Horner’s Folksy Flannels in Forest Hills Moonlight and Diamond Hills Dusk – I finally cut into the set of half metres that have been on my shelf! These are¬†luxuriously¬†soft. I used Dana from Made’s Kid Pants Tutorial, which is a toddler size 3, but because my fabric wasn’t long enough I made them a bit shorter.

That’s when the problems started.

What was going to be a simple pair of trousers became tricky, because it seemed pretty clear there wasn’t enough room for a big baby bum due to the way I altered the pattern. So I added the waistband and cuffs. In the end I think these are much cuter, but it was a lot more work!

Now there’s plenty of cozy room in that seat.

And the addition of cuffs is actually sensible – they can shorten or lengthen them.

I used my overlock stitch to finish every edge. Is this necessary? Does anyone else do this? I should probably invest in an overlocker and/or pinking shears. This takes forever. And now I’m a bit worried it might feel scratchy. Hope not.

And that, my friends, is the end of KCWC for me!

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