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Website revamp!

We’ve been working on giving our website a revamp and I’m going to give you a little tour today! If you shop on mobile, these changes won’t impact you (we gave mobile its own revamp recently too) but if you shop on desktop, you’ll see this update!

We’ve done away with the slider and are now featuring three projects all at once on the homepage. The formatting of the pictures has been refreshed and for each project we’ll show you where to shop for the products you need at a glance!

The Village Haberdashery

Our new footer has loads more links for easier navigation. Next step? Updating the content on some of these pages!

The Village Haberdashery

The header has been simplified so the search box and your account are easier to find. How do you feel about the cart being on the left? We’d love your feedback on if that feels weird to you!

The Village Haberdashery

The site content as a whole is now wider, which makes it easier to see more products at once.

The Village Haberdashery

We’re loving this new look and plan to continue to update the site with new content, features and design elements that make it even easier and more inspiring to use. Hope you love it too!


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