Wine cork board

I’m excited to show you a non-sewing/non-knitting related crafty project I recently finished – my wine cork board! This has been a really long time coming. I got the idea in my head about a year before I left San Francisco to move to London, which was more than three years ago. I collected corks constantly to the amusement/embarrassment of friends – but in San Francisco that’s loads easier to do. In London I can go months without ever encountering a wine bottle with a cork. I know there are some sensible reasons for switching to twist off caps, but I just love corks and some of the ones I’ve collected have lovely memories attached to them.

I bought this cork board kit (which I highly recommend if you’re in the States – international shipping’s no fun) and it worked brilliantly but it fell apart when I shipped it to Seattle before moving (in case you’re wondering – I grew up in Seattle, then moved to New York, then San Francisco, and then London.) Last Thanksgiving Ed and I collected all of the corks from the broken cork board and they, along with the few we’ve managed to get our hands on in London, have been in a big bag for a year, annoying me and taking up space. Finally, on a trip to Ikea recently we bought a frame, pulled out the glass, and I sat down with glue and went to work on making a new one.

I love it! It adds something personal and unique to our kitchen whilst being totally functional. This pictures I don’t love so much – the natural light in the kitchen was awful on Saturday when we took them. I’m really starting to fear for my photography in these long winter months!

And it’s a perfect time to show this to you since Ed and I are in San Francisco this week and are heading up to wine country for a mini-break tomorrow before flying to Seattle for Thanksgiving week.

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