Wonky log cabin…hexagons!

I’m playing with something, both for the London Modern Quilt Guild scrap challenge and because Modern Quilting asked me to contribute a project and I want to come up with something cool. Here is my first try at creating a wonky log cabin hexagon.

The result is not exactly what I had pictured in my head. The seams are a bit curved somehow and there’s a wrinkly bit, but that I think I can blame on the mini John Lewis which is very difficult to control (no way I’m letting that thing near my Violet).  At least I’m getting something sewn so I can see how it will look. I think the fat sides need to be fatter so it looks wonkier. Has anyone out there done a log cabin hexagon before?

In sewing machine news, I ordered the Janome recommended by Which? If you think that was a bad decision please don’t say a word about it!

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