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Parties for Kids


Host your child's birthday party in our lovely studio! Kids love our creative parties; they get to try something new and take home their own creation! Our studio is suitable for party sizes of 6 - 20, children age 6+ and a range of craft projects, including paper crafts, sewing and more. Our most popular party activity is our Washi Workshop, which you can see in many of the pictures below!

Read on for more information and when you're ready, please get in touch to discuss your event!


'I just wanted to send you a very big THANK YOU for Isabella's great birthday party! She and her friends had an amazing time at The Village Haberdashery and the fellow mums and I have been absolutely surprised at how focused they had all been through the sewing project thanks to your lovely teaching your great project!' - Angelika, mum of Isabella, age 7

'Salomé and her friends had a great time for her 13th birthday party. The room is huge and bright, the open kitchen is beautiful. We had plenty of space to eat, drink and move. And the workshop run by our teacher was excellent. Thank you!' - Anne-Valery, mum of Salomé, age 13

Washi Workshop Birthday Party


We want to help you and your child choose a project they are excited about! We can teach a wide variety of crafts so if your child has project in mind, please let us know! Otherwise we're happy to make recommendations based on the age and size of the group - from a hand-sewn stuffed toy to a stationery-making party. For most projects we can accomodate groups of up to 20. For projects on a sewing machine we can accomodate groups of up to 8. The parties that are most popular are:

*Washi tape workshop - kids decorate a variety of paper craft projects to take home, including a notebook. 

*Tassel key chains - make colourful tassels and personalise them with beads. Leave with 1-2 key chains to take home.

*Decoupage - decorate a small box and/or picture frame with our selection of fun papers to take home. 


We recommend children be at least six years old for hand-sewing and craft projects, seven years old for knitting and 10 years old for sewing machine projects. We understand younger sibblings may want to take part and as long as you can provide an adult to help, this is usually no problem. If you have any questions about what project is suitable for your age group, please get in touch. 

Tote Bag Birthday Party 


You are welcome to bring in party food and drinks for your event. We have a small fridge and can try to accomodate drop-off earlier in the day if you give us advance notice. We have no cooking equipment on site.

Happy Birthday at The Village Haberdashery


We are not currently able to create bespoke party bags but we're happy to offer a 10% discount on any products you purchase as favours for your party bags. Ideas include things like washi tape, glitter, ribbons, buttons, embroidery thread, stickers, kits and more.

Party Bag Ideas


We have limited availability at weekends because of our busy class schedule so please get in touch early! When we have weekend availability, we can typically book parties at 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm.

We have lots of availability for weekday afternoon parties during term time and school holiday party bookings. During term time, we recommend parties run from 3:30pm - 6:30pm (with set up starting at 3:30pm). We have flexibility for daytime parties during half term and school holidays.

Hand Sewing Birthday Party


Our events start at £100 for three hours of studio time plus £12 for each child who participates in a craft or hand-sewing project with a minimum of six children. That breaks down roughly into 30 minutes of set up time, one hour of teacher-led project time, one hour for food and cake and 30 minutes of clean up.

For sewing machine classes, packages start at £140 for four hours of studio time plus £25 for each child who participates with a minimum of six children and a maximum of eight. That breaks down roughly into 30 minutes of set up time, two hours of teacher-led project time, one hour for food and cake and 30 minutes of clean up time.

All materials are included unless the project requires special supplies that we will need to source. Additional studio time is £40 per hour before 6pm and £60 per hour after 6pm.

Washi Workshop


If you'd like help planning your entire event, including a theme, invitations, favours, decorations and food, please let us know and we can introduce you to our party planner. 

Tassel Workshop Birthday Party


*We require a £100 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. If you must cancel, the deposit will not be refunded and a reschedule is at our discretion. 

*We ask that you do your best provide a final head count for the project one week before the event. We know that's hard, but an estimate is super helfpul!

*For sewing projects you must bring one adult for every four kids after the first four (ex: if you have 10 kids please have two adults). We will discuss this with you once we've confirmed your project.

*We ask that you please try to leave the space as you found it, with rubbish in the bin, food spills cleaned up and the studio generally tidy. Cleaning supplies are on hand if needed.

*We will charge an overrun fee of £15 for every 15 minutes that your event runs over the allocated time or your class starts late. This is to cover our staff costs.

*Every precaution will be taken for children's safety. However, The Village Haberdashery, our staff and our teachers are not liable for any accidents or injuries that may occur whilst you are in the class and in our property.

Happy Birthday Party