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Round Up for The Winch!

We are so excited to be able to support The Winch with our new Round Up initiative. When you check out online, you'll now have the option to 'round up' your purchase amount to make a donation. You can always opt out, but if you do participate, here's what you will be supporting!

Based in North Camden in London, The Winch's mission is to help each child succeed, regardless of their circumstances by giving them the opportunities and support they need.

The Winch

If you make a donation, it will go to one of two areas at The Winch that we are so thrilled to help support. Here's a little more info about these programmes, in their own words:


Parenthood can be tough, and, for some, it can be lonely too. We connect parents, where every voice is heard and every challenge halved.

For too many parents, raising a child is a time of stress. Many in our community struggle to provide for their children, feel “trapped” in temporary accommodation, suffer from postpartum depression and more. We listen when parents tell us the resounding issue they face is in feeling isolated, facing challenges alone. 
We’ve grown what our parents call a ‘second family’. Our programmes are accessible, welcoming and intimate. This means we reach those most in need, and those who don’t traditionally access support. It’s also meant our parents quickly feel comfortable to share, and thus halve, challenges they may be facing within a group founded on shared experience and empathy. 


Poor career prospects fail to accommodate the talents of our young people. We help 16-25 year olds realise their potential, providing entrepreneurial support, increased confidence and navigation for those needing a little help to find their way, on their terms.
Camden, for many a borough of potential, has some of the highest rates of young adults who are not in employment, education or training. Many young people also grow up lacking the aspiration and confidence to flourish. 
We help young adults to re-capture their zeal and dream big. We work with those designing their own clothes, starting a catering company or their own business offering business mentors, access to our maker-space, stitch cafes and opportunity to pitch their enterprise to win seed-funding.