Alison Glass Sew - Knit Essentials

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Alison Glass has created two new garment patterns in collaboration with Karen LePage: 'Knit Essentials' and 'Woven Essentials'.
Each pattern starts with a basic garment, walking you through Karen's signature process to get the perfect fit for your own body. Then, you'll learn how to modify the garment from a top to a dress to a skirt, and so on, giving the opportunity for you to create a whole wardrobe of pieces. Options for sleeve length, neck line, type of item, and hem length are all included.
The last chapter of each pattern shows you a handful of ways to add embellishments to your creations, taking them from wonderful basics to couture pieces.
Full colour throughout and filled with beautiful and inspirational photography, these patterns are like small books! With Knit Essentials, you'll be able to sew a tank, t-shirt, tunic, dress and skirt, plus you'll find templates and tutorials for embellishments - the patterns are an amazing value.
Aimed toward the confident sewer, a valuable list of garment making books is included as suggested material for those who need a little more practiced before jumping in to these Japanese-style patterns.