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Bargello: 17 Modern Needlepoint Projects for You and Your Home by Nerrisa Pratt

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Master the colourful bargello stitch with 17 projects and learn how to incorporate it into your home.

Starting with the basics, Nerrisa Pratt introduces you to this iconic stitch, explores its historical roots and shows you how to grow in confidence so you can build up to creating your own designs.

From cushions and lampshades to plant pot covers and bags, this craft is extremely versatile and can add instant colour and texture to any interior thanks to its graphic style.

Rediscover your love for needlepoint with Bargello: 17 Modern Needlepoint Projects for You and Your Home.

From the author:

"The Bargello palace in Florence, Italy, is a world-renowned museum, home to works of art by sculptors Michelangelo and Donatello, as well as a collection of colourful textiles and tapestries from Italian history. It was in this museum that historians uncovered an intriguing set of embroidered chairs, thought to be from the 1600s, with a unique hand-worked design that became known as Bargello. Fast-forward a few hundred years, and Bargello was given a new lease of life in the swinging 60s.

My own journey began late one evening a few years ago when, at a loss for a more mindful hobby, I took to Pinterest, the ‘go-to’ place for any crafter on the search for inspiration. After scrolling through many twee, dated projects, I was frustrated that there didn’t seem to be anything for a modern colour-enthusiast like me. I was just about ready to give up, but then I saw it. Bold lines, geometric shapes and at least three clashing colours, ‘Bar-gel-lo’ I said out loud to myself."

About the author: Nerrisa Pratt is a maker of all things. From sewing to baking, papercraft and even a brief love affair with knitting, she always has a project on the go. As well as sewing her entire wardrobe, she runs a small baking business and regularly creates beautiful craft projects for brands such as Hobbycraft, IKEA, Cricut and The Range to name a few. Nerrisa is the founder of Untld Project, a PR and Marketing agency which supports creative, crafty and independent brands. They have worked with the likes of Tilly and the Buttons, Happy Fabric and Cricut. Inspired by fashion and interior trends, she recently set up the Bargello Edit which is a resource that hosts workshops and sells kits. She truly believes that craft is for everyone and doesn’t need to be ‘kitsch’ or ‘cute’ and her personal mission is to make Bargello accessible and bring it into the modern home.