Chroma Handcrafted - Scatter in Carrot - Alison Glass


Fabrics inåÊthe Alison GlassåÊHandcrafted series use a batik type printing process to create a modern look. While many think of batik fabrics as a particular style, it is actually a technique that uses wax-resist dyeing to make patterns on cloth. Handcrafted is a new interpretation of this ancient technique made in Indonesia by skilled artisans.åÊHandcrafted fabric is very different that regular quilting cotton, as it‰۪s made entirely by hand ‰ÛÒ leaving each piece of fabric completely unique from the next.åÊ

Chroma is the fifth collection in the Handcrafted series. The full spectrum of colour and smaller scale make the group highly useful for quilting, functioning as blenders as well as interest prints. Also beautiful for garments in design and drape, we feel this is a Handcrafted collection you're going to love!

Collection: Chroma

Designer: Alison Glass

Manufacturer: Andover

Fibre: 100% Cotton

Width: 112cm / 44 inches

This fabric is sold by the quarter metre. Single quantities will be cut as fat quarters and multiple quantities will be cut continuously.