Darning Your Knits with Carina Envoldsen-Harris



Give your favourite sweater the TLC it deserves! Rescue your socks from the landfill!

In this class you will learn how to repair knitwear and other knitted items by learning three darning methods that can be used both for visible and invisible mending. We will cover swiss darning (the type often used on knitwear), woven darning and darning with buttonhole stitch.

Darning uses hand embroidery stitches, but you do not need to know how to embroider already. This class is suitable for beginners! Everything we cover will be done by hand.

Darning is a wonderful way to keep your clothes last longer. It is a mindful way of fixing garments and in the process making those garments unique and meaningful. For inspiration, have a scroll through the #darning hashtag!

About your teacher: Carina Envoldsen-Harris is a Danish designer, author and blogger. Carina has been embroidering since 2005 and, under the name Polka & Bloom, she has been designing and selling embroidery patterns since 2009. Carina is the author of several embroidery books, Thread Doodling is the latest, and her work has been published in Mollie Makes, Australian Homespun, Hoop-La! among other publications. You can read her blog, visit her shop or follow her on Instagram at @carinacraftblog.

Skills needed: Suitable for absolute beginners.


Please bring the following supplies to class. Everything else will be provided:

  • A holey garment or knitted swatch, the chunkier the better
  • Socks, either knitted or store bought
  • A darning mushroom (we have these available for purchase)
  • A darning needle (we have these available for purchase)
  • A hair elastic (optional)
  • Scrap yarn (we will have some but welcome your contributions to our shared basket for options!)

Class size: 6

Length: 2.5 hours

Location: The Village Haberdashery at West Hampstead Square NW6 2BR

Please note that there are no refunds for class bookings. For more information about our classes, refer to our Class Policies or contact us at info@thevillagehaberdashery.co.uk.