Friday Pattern Company - Adrienne Blouse


The Adrienne Blouse is a fashion forward wardrobe essential. It is a knit top with billowy statement sleeves that are gathered up at the shoulders and hems with elastic. The length is slightly cropped with the hem hitting just below your bellybuttons.


- 1 1/2 yards (1.4 metres) of ½” wide elastic. Use bra strap elastic if possible. It is stronger and more durable than standard elastic. If you can’t get your hands on bra strap elastic, standard elastic will suffice!

- Matching thread

- Stretch machine needle

- Safety pins 


- 5/8” seam allowance included

- Beginner level sewing

- Designed for knit fabric



45” wide fabric // 1 3/4 yards (1.6 metres)

54 - 60” wide fabric // 1 3/8 yards (1.3 metres)


45” wide fabric // 2 1/4 yards (2 metres)

54” wide fabric // 1 7/8 yards (1.7 metres)

60” wide fabric // 1 3/8 yards (1.3 metres)

Suggested Fabric:

Perfect for knit fabrics of all kinds. You need at least 25% stretch. If you choose a knit with more body, like a ponte, it will have a more structured modern look. If you sew it in a drapier knit, like a rayon jersey, it will have a more romantic look.