Kingsland Overlook Cotton from Road Trip - FAT QUARTER


Alison has said that Road Trip has the most hidden and personal meaning of all the fabric lines she's created.

She said: 'I like the concept of life as a journey. It’s the impact of decisions and thoughts. Every day we choose things. The things we may or may not choose are riddled with potential outcomes, but only one set of things becomes reality. Some decisions are important and many are not, but knowing the difference between the two, and making the important ones well, can have significant positive effects going forward. Road Trip is about intentionality and relationships. People are more important than things. We have an opportunity to be positive forces in the lives of others and to let others be good forces for us.”

Collection: Road Trip

Designer: Alison Glass

Manufacturer: Andover

Fibre: 100% Quilting Cotton

Width: 112cm / 44 inches

This item is a single FAT QUARTER measuring 50x55cm.