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Megan Nielsen - Hovea Jacket

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Hovea is a loose fit drop shoulder jacket & coat. The pattern features three different lengths for cropped jackets, mid length jackets or coats. A different jacket for every occasion! 

This pattern includes some pretty special deep angled feature pockets and each view has a slightly different take on the same concept. 

This pattern started out as a quilted jacket/coat but if quilting isn’t really your thing, or you want a more minimalist jacket, the pattern also includes unlined and fully lined options.

When it comes to closures there are two included options for a belt or tie closures. Don’t let this hold you back though! You can easily add a zipper or toggles to the centre front of the quilted views, and adding buttons or snaps to the band collar of the unlined/lined views adds a really fun twist!

View A is a mid length unlined jacket with collar band. View B is a mid length quilted jacket with binding. View C is a lined coat with collar band and belt. View D is a quilted coat with binding. View E is an unlined cropped jacket with collar band. View F is a quilted cropped jacket with binding.

Skill: 2/5

Sizing: This printed pattern includes sizes 0-20. Find the sizing chart here. This pattern is also available as a PDF in sizes 14-34 and you can find it here.

Fabric Recommendations: You can use almost any woven fabric you want with this pattern. You can use prequilted fabric with any view. You can use your lovely linings you’ve been saving. Boiled wool, linen, quilting cotton, flannel – you can use them all to different effect. The samples use prequilted cotton; double gauze; light weight, medium weight and heavy weight linens; random scraps from previous samples; boiled wool; wool suiting; and of course quilting cotton!

This pattern looks remarkably different based on your fabric choice. If you’ve got a special fabric you want to use there is a view in this pattern for you. The quilted views of this pattern work really well with light to medium weight fabrics – and of course your fabric scraps are a great choice for a patchwork option! The lined and unlined versions of this pattern work with light, medium and heavy weight fabrics.