Primrose Pink Oranges Cotton Gabardine Twill by See You at Six

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Gabardine is a cross twill weave fabric with diagonal lines. Very durable; the tight weave creates wrinkle and water resistance.

See you at Six have already completely immersed themselves in a sun bath in their imaginations and are excited to bring you the summer collection of 2021. Exotic and romantic prints alternated with graphic and playful patterns in a color palette that seamlessly matches previous collections so that they can be optimally combined with previous prints.

Scale:An orange has a diameter of 10cm

Brand: See You at Six

Collection: Playtime Summer 21

Width: 150cm / 60 inches

Weight: 310 g/m² 

Washing Instructions: Ironable on a medium setting - machine washable at 30°C - best not tumble dried
Colourfast and minimal shrinkage. 

This fabric is sold by the quarter metre. Single quantities will be cut as skinny quarters (25cm x width of fabric) and multiple quantities will be cut continuously as one big piece.