Rit Fabric Dye - Tangerine

Exceptional fabric dyes from the US. This package contains one box of concentrated powder dye - enough for approximately 450g dry weight or 3 metres of medium weight fabric. Find loads of tips for using this product and project ideas at Rit Studio!
Rit Dye works beautifully on many washable fabrics including: Natural fibre - cotton, linen, silk, wool, ramie blends. Synthetics - rayon, nylon, acetate. Blends of fibres where the majority of the fibre is dyeable. Blends will tint evenly but will not achieve full colour.
Rit Dye is not recommended for: Fabrics with 50% or more polyester content. 100% acrylic, fiberglass, or metallic fibres. Fabrics with rubber backing (bath mats, throw rugs). Fabrics with special finishes (water repellent). Fabrics with bleach damage or extensive staining. Fabrics washable only in cold water or labeled "Dry Clean Only."