Savernake Road by Monika Forsberg Fat Quarter Bundle - PRE-SALE


This item is available for PRE-SALE and is expected to ship in September. Please do not order anything except other Conservatory Fabric items with your pre-sale order.

Savernake Road is Monika Forsberg's first fabric collection! In this gorgeous collection she absorbs the sights and sounds of her North London neighbourhood (Hampstead! She's our neighbour!) to impart this collection with details and blooms and characters that feel friendly and familiar. Even the vines seem like roads leading you to a happy place!

This bundle includes fat quarters of all 18 fabrics in the Savernake Road collection. It coordinates beautifully with the other two collections in the Conservatory 'Pathways' chapter, English Summer by Anna Maria Horner and Vestige by Arounna Khounnoraj.


Four exclusive quilt patterns will be released with the Conservatory Pathways chapter. With the purchase of your pre-sale bundle order we'll send you the pattern of your choice for free! More information and images to help you choose will be available when the fabric arrives in our shop.